Welcome to Eco’Ring !

The solution for processing and exploiting your mineral and metal waste.


Based on the experience of 25 years in the metal field, either in the foundry or the steel industry, Eco’Ring engineers put their know-how and specific skills at your disposal for waste recovery or co-products containing metals. Their knowledges range from smelting, production, engineering, from the upstream market for raw materials to the downstream market for secondary raw materials.

The waste or co-products come from various origins, among them mostly are industrial traditionally. However, the recent consumers market is also a generative source according to the implemented regulations in France, in Europe and worldwide concerning the waste collection and processing.

In this context, Eco’Ring became a key actor regarding the metals circular economy and mineral resources.


Metal waste recovery : iron, copper, tin, zinc, nickel, chrome, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, silver, gold, lead, bismuth, aluminium

Mineral waste recovery : carbon, silicium, corundum (alumina)