Wastes represent an incontestable source of elements that can contribute to bring raw materials or intervene as substitutes.

    • Corundum, alumina
    • Carbon, graphite
    • W, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Co, Mn…

These wastes can be in the form of sludges, powder, fines, shavings or others including for instance: hydroxide metallic sludge, filter cakes, thermal spraying powders, shots, grindings, production scraps, unsold products, batteries anodes and cathodes of electrical vehicles, ect.

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Examples of recovery types

From the waste sourcing, Eco’Ring’s know-how is highlighted through its research competences in order to enable the use of a given material thanks to a transformation step.

  • Briquettes (agglomeration)
  • Powders (grinding)
  • Ingots (smelting)

Eco’Ring is doing tests on site and validate results for industrial application at its partner.


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