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Find the best way to recover your waste, this is our concern !


Eco’Ring is a new player in the recycling of industrial waste which has very specific skills in pyrometallurgy ; it therefore targets the recyling of waste or by-products wich contain metals or which can be used in the metal industries.

Our business model is simple, it aims to recover waste as closely and directly as possible.

Our customers come from a variety of industries, mechanical, metallurgy, petro-chemical, depending on whether they are looking for recycling solutions for their wastes or whether they are looking for alternative materials ; sometimes it takes a little engineering to implement this circular economy, so we participate in the External Valorization Engineering (EVE) necessary for the development of a new recovery channel.



Since our creation in 2013, we have thus recovered via our partners more than 10 000 tons of industrial wastes including more than 1 000 tons of alkaline and saline batteries, thes according to a patented process for wich share the exclusive license.

We devote a large part of our annual budget to R&D to External Valorization Engineering (EVE) wich allows us to develop new recycling channels (subject of 4 patents).

Since 2019, our Chambeon site (near Saint-Etienne LOIRE) has been classified as ICPE and is authorized by Prefectural Order for the collection and transit of waste (Hazardous and non-hazardous). Do not hesitate to meet or contact us!

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One of our activities : refractory brick