Waste or co-products: machining and rectification sludge, lamination sludge containing water, oil or metal in the form of chips, particles.

Origins: mechanical metals work (machining, rectification, etc.), lamination.

Being often wet or polluted with hydrocarbons by nature, the recovery and treatment of sludge are somehow difficult but the experience proved it is practicable / feasible.

One of the proposed solutions is to press them at a very high pressure in order to separate the liquid and solid fractions. Therefore we obtain two different secondary raw materials.

These competences require specific know-hows on the upstream market of waste and co-products, but also on the downstream market and the use of secondary raw materials adapted to the industrial consumer process.

For instance, we can produce metal briquettes from rectification sludge with straight oil coolants. They are appropriately filtered and can be recovered in situ as their composition is defined for steel and oil industries.

  • Briquettes
  • Clear oils